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Maxidor Fourways | Newsletter 2 | 2016 | IT IS OUR JOB TO PROTECT!


Herewith a few safety tips for women

Sometimes husbands need to travel, and women are being left behind with the kids. How can you feel secure and safe? Below a few quick tips on personal safety:

  • Sixth Sense – every woman has it! If something doesn’t feel or look right, it is probably NOT! Your gut-instinct will give you the insight into people and situations. Rely on it. Avoid situations or people who make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Aware – stay alert! Criminals choose targets that seem to be totally unaware of surroundings and happenings. Being aware creates your first line of defense and is a method of self-defense. Think like a criminal and be aware of dark spaces or hide-aways.
  • Train yourself – get skills and training in self-defense. Make sure you are prepared for any possible rape/hijacking or attack situations.
  • Fight back – You should defend yourself. Most criminals don’t expect you to do so. Many worry that they will worsen the situation, but you do stand a better chance of surviving if you fight back. Your aim should be EYES and Groin area – they are the most sensitive. The element of surprise will be a great advantage – make your quick strike count. There might be only one chance.
  • Escape – run away, call for help, shout, and throw a rock at a car or anything that will attract attention. Don’t go with the criminal! Do everything in your power to stay at the primary crime scene if the criminal wants to take you away.
  • Carry pepper spray or a Taser – A useful tool to assist in distracting your offender, but don’t depend on it, trust your body and ability to self-defend.
  • Be internet safe – don’t give phone numbers or street address on social media profiles. Update yourself on the security issues, frauds and viruses available.
  • Travel safely – many people tend to be more unaware during travels because they feel relaxed. BUT violent crimes can happen in any hotel anywhere. Be attentive. Don’t open your door for anyone. Take a door wedge with you on your travels, this is often stronger than the door lock itself.
  • Smash & grab – remember that most criminals approach the car or you from a 45 degree angle because it is your blind spot. Look around you at all times especially at intersections or stops.

Reality of South Africa is that we live in a country and society where a fear of crime is present and harsh. Education is prevention and prevention is better than the cure. Share this with your friends and family. Help Maxidor Fourways keep our community safe.

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