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. Maxidor Fourways | Newsletter 3 | 2016 | WE WILL KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE! - 2016-06-24

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Maxidor Fourways | Newsletter 2 | 2016 | IT IS OUR JOB TO PROTECT! - 2016-04-19

IT IS OUR JOB TO PROTECT! Herewith a few safety tips for women Sometimes husbands need to travel, and women are being left behind with the kids. How can you feel secure and safe? Below a few quick tips on personal safety: Sixth Sense – every woman has it! If something doesn’t feel or look right, it is probably NOT! Your ... more

Maxidor Fourways | Newsletter 1 | 2016 | FOURWAYS JUST GOT MORE SECURE! - 2016-04-19

FOURWAYS JUST GOT MORE SECURE! “Prevention is better than the cure”, a common phrase most of us know. It is evident that in Johannesburg the main crimes are housebreaking, motor vehicle theft, high jacking and office breakings as well as the violence that goes hand in hand with them. These are the crimes most reported on. Max... more

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