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This security barrier has double slam locks, combined with strong connecting components and its robust construction provides peace of mind through maximum security.

This expandable security door, built with functionality in mind, makes sure you have enough time to act quickly in any security breached situation. It provides a physical barrier between you and a possible dangerous perpetrator. Products are custom-made to fit any opening or area.


Maxidor Ultra Expandable barriers, double slam locks robust construction and strong components make for this product a great maximum security option.

Ideal usage to secure areas like:

  • Patio doors
  • Passage way doors
  • Windows
  • Shop fronts or as shop dividers
  • Entrance security gates

Strong flights

  • ULTRA thick, impenetrable steel brace absolutely unique in only Maxidor products
  • Challenging & difficult to cut through using your common break-in tools
  • This product provides you with adequate time  to react if there is a possible attack

Original Slam lock

  • Fitted standard with four locking points and two slam locks
  • “Slam Lock” is a Maxidor original creation. Provides an instant physical barrier in an emergency
  • The lock is SABS tested and can withstand a 2.6 tones pull force, equivalent to 22 men jointly pulling at the lock before breaking
  • Our channel cover is unique and prevents common tools used to penetrate or reach the lock

Aluminium tracks

  • The Aluminium tracks at the top & bottom, add to the Ultra-modern & Ultra-strong design
  • These tracks protect against rust
  • The top extended track contributes to a four sided structure for extra support, the cover give additional protection and the “curtain” on each side helps protect rivets from meddling tools
  • At the bottom, the track gives the extra support to the four-sided structure and the rounded profile has an anti-trip design.

Double Uprights

  • Tests and experience have shown that flights protected by uprights on each side, are most effective
  • Manufactured from SAE10 10 mild steel, the 12.77 square uprights have a 0.9mm wall thickness as well. A huge total of 13.6mm STEEL between you and the perpetrators
  • Equal spacing, prevents entry

Nylon Components

  • Silent and smooth movement is made possible through our high-grade nylon units amongst metal-on-metal parts
  • These nylon components protects paint finish, prevents corrosion and ensures the longevity of the product itself

Chemical Fastening

  • A chemical fastener is placed into the drilled hole, soaked up into the substrate
  • Because of this secure installation method, it prevents the product being pulled out the wall

Polyester Powder Coating

  • Our product will not fade or yellow, because we use UV stabilized TGIC grade.
  • Custom-made to match any requested colour, although special colour prices are applicable, and should be asked for during the quote process. Quotations are normally done on standard white or bronze


  • A 10 year Buy-Back together with the 5 year product guarantee proves that we are extremely confident in the Ultra design. T’s & C’s apply.


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