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Did you know that if you go for a cheaper option, you are compromising on your first line of defense?

  • Did you know that our assessment is FREE?! You only pay when you accept our quote.
  • Did you know that Maxidor have been in the business of securing your home for over 30 years?
  • Did you know that we only provide security barriers of the HIGHEST QUALITY?
  • Did you know that if you go for a cheaper option, you are compromising on your first line of defense?
  • Did you know that Maxidor is the original SLAMLOCK?
  • Did you know that our lock has been SABS tested? It can endure a pull-force of 2.6 tons. That is about 22 men jointly pulling at the lock before it breaks.
  • Did you know that the STRONG FLIGHT was our original design? It is Maxidor’s one of its kind extra thick base not easily cut through using normal tools.
  • Did you know Maxidor is the ONLY Company to offer you a BUY-BACK GAURANTEE? Therefor if someone breaks into your house through one of our guaranteed products, we will refund, repair or replace it.
  • Did you know that we make use first class materials in the design of our product?
  • Did you know that Maxidor is the ONLY Company using chemical anchoring methods; ensuring fixing methods are top-quality?
  • Did you know all employees of Maxidor are screened by EMP for any past or current criminal activity?
  • Did you know that Polyester Powder Coating is used to ensure the Ultra finish, specifically for outdoor used and therefor also UV stabilized?
  • Did you know that our double upright design give you enough time to react because of its superior strength?
  • Did you know that our products are treated against rust while they are being manufactured and upon installation? Installers have a check list of all the treatments, ensuring that it is also rust re-treated after installation.
  • Did you know that by simply lubricating the top and bottom tracks with a silicone aerosol twice a month, vacuuming the tracks and wiping down the Maxidor with diluted liquid soap, is the way to clean any of our indoor security gates.
  • Did you know that you will only wait for 3 to 5 working days (subjected to factory capacity). We promise the fasted delivery in the business.
  • Did you know that a Maxidor can be manufactured in any RAL Colour but primarily are available in White and Bronze
  • Did you know that our Nylon parts are not easily burnt through? The components can withstand impact and are elastic and flexible.
  • Why can’t I get a telephonic quote from Maxidor? We custom-make all our products. Its difficult to give an accurate quote on provided measurements. Consultants also take the responsibility and know how to measure and to assess where you would like to secure. They are also trained to give expert advice.
  • Did you know that Maxidor products are really a stronger alternative? Numerous tests on components prove that we have a stronger more reliable gate:
  • Double Uprights – Single uprights don’t offer sufficient time to react in case of a security breach. Our gates have double uprights!
  • Nylon Components – They are quite and due to their elasticity that can withstand impact.
  • Our scissor-like braces/flights provide an aesthetic appeal and some style. No common tool normally used, can cut through them as they have the necessary strength.


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